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Amino Acids AOAC 994.12 Modified
Cystine/Methionine AOAC 994.12 Modified
Tryptophan AOAC 988.15 Modified
Ash AOAC 942.05
Ash (Biomass) ASTM E1755-01
Cellulose Calculation
Energy Calculations Calculation
Relative Feed Quality Calculation
Relative Feed Value Calculation
Nitrogen Conversion Calculation
Fat - Acid Hydrolysis AOAC 954.02
Crude Fat AOAC 945.16
Crude Fat (w/celite) AOAC 945.16 Modified
Fat - Acid Hydrolysis (Hexane) AOAC 954.02 Modified
Crude Fat (Hexane) AOAC 945.16
Acid Detergent Fiber AOAC 973.18
Acid Detergent Lignin Ankom Technology Method 8
Crude Fiber AOAC Ba 6a-05
Neutral Detergent Fiber Ankom Technology Method 9
Free Fatty Acids in Feed AOCS Ac 5-41
Chloride - Feed HACH 8206 (IC 3/1/2017)
Sulfate - Feed AOAC 951.05 Modified (IC 3/1/2017)
Mineral/Trace Metals  
Minerals AOAC 985.01
Minerals (Soluble) AOAC 985.01
Metals - Trace AOAC 2013.06
Aflatoxin Reveal Q+ USDA-GIPSA 2013-041
  LCMS AOAC 994.08 Modified
Fumonison Reveal Q+ USDA-GIPSA 2012-032
  ELISA AOAC 2001.06
  LCMS AOAC 2001.04 Modified
Ochratoxin Reveal Q+ Immuno chromotographic assay
  LCMS AOAC 2000.03 Modified
Zearelenone Veratox ELISA
  Reveal Q+ USDA GIPSA2012-021A
  LCMS JAOAC Volume 88 #6, 2005 pp 1733-1740
  Reveal Q+ USDA GIPSA 2012-018
  LCMS JAOAC Volume 88 #4, 2005 pp 1197-1204
T-2/HT-2 Reveal Q+ Immuno chromotographic assay
  LCMS Internal SOP based on VICAM Multitoxin Method
Moisture - 105 ° C NFTA
Moisture - 135 ° C AOAC 930.15
Moisture - Vacuum 70° C AOAC 969.36
Acid Detergent Insoluble Crude Protein AOAC 2001.11 Modified
Crude Protein/Nitrogen - Combustion AOAC 990.03
Crude Protein/Nitrogen - Kjeldahl AOAC 2001.11
Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN) AOAC 977.08
Non Protein Nitrogen FOSS Application Note ASN 3452
Nitrogen Free Extract FAO Document 3.6
Urea and Ammoniacal Nitrogen in Animal Feed AOAC Method 941.04
Ammoniacal Nitrogen in Animal Feed AOAC Method 941.04 Modified
Physical Characteristic  
Bulk Density Gravimetric
Hunter Color L, a, b Value ASTM E313.96
Sieve Analysis - Feed ANSI/ASAE S319.4.2008
Sieve Analysis - Silt Load ANSI/ASAE S319.4.2008 Modified
Specific Gravity/Density AOAC 985.19
Resistant Starch AOAC 2002.02
Total Available Starch (Unwashed) AOAC 996.11 Modified
Total Available Starch (Washed) AOAC 996.11 Modified
Total Starch (Resistant with Sugars) AOAC 996.11 Modified
Alpha-Amylase Activity (Bacillus sp.) AOAC 2002.01 @ pH 6.5
Alpha-Amylase Activity (cereal and fungal) APAC 994.09 @ pH 5.4
Digestibility Assay Ross, DA, etal 2013 Cornell 2013. Development of an 
Invitro Intestinal Digestibility Assay for Ruminent Feeds.
Ethanol in Oil AOAC 973.18
Flashpoint Ankom Technology Method 8
Free Fatty Acids AOCS Ba 6a-05
Insoluble Impurities AOCS Ca 3a-46
Iodine Value AOCS Cd-1d-92
Moisture (Karl Fischer) ASTM E1064-12
Minerals - Oil ASTM D4951
MIU (Karl Fischer) Calculation
MIU (Standard) Calculation
Moisture and Volatile Matter AOCS Ca 2b-38
Peroxide Value AOCS Cd 8b-90
Water and Sediment in Oil ASTM D1207
Neutral Oil AOCS Ca 9f-57
Phosphorus - Oil ASTM 4951
Soap in Oils AOCS Cc 17-95
Sulfur - Oil ASTM 5453
Total Fatty Acids AOCS G2-6a-40 Modified
Moisture - 130° C AOCS Ca 2c-25
Coliform/E.coli AOAC 2005.3
Enterobacteriaceae AOAC 2003.01
Lactic Acid Bacteria CMMEF 19.52
Listeria spp (GDS) AOAC Perf 070701
Microscopic Analysis CMMEF 4
Staphylococcus aureus AOAC 2003.11
Salmonella spp (GDS) AOAC 2009.03
Total Plate Count - Petrifilm AOAC 990.12
Total Plate Count - Simplate AOAC 2002.07
Yeast and Mold - Petrifilm AOAC 997.02
Yeast and Mold - Simplate AOAC 2002.11
Process Water and Wastewater  
Ammonium Nitrogen SM 4500 NH3
Chloride - Water SM 4500 Cl B
Conductivity SM 2510B
Metals - Trace ICPOES SM 3120B
Minerals SM 3120B
Nitrate SM 4500-NO3 D-2011
pH SM 4500 H-B
Sulfate HACH 8051
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen CFR PAI-DK03
Total Solids SM 2540B


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