Foundation Analytical Laboratory understands the ins and outs of the biofuels industry. Though we are a contract lab, we have been on the “other side of the sample” so we fully understand the necessity of having accurate, precise, and quality results in a timely manner. The Analytical Team is a group of highly educated farm kids who have come back to our roots with a broader understanding of the industry and we do what it takes to get the job done. We’ve been a part of the corporate world as well as part of quality assurance/control teams and labs in production facilities. We understand and appreciate all the rigors involved in” getting it done”. That is why we are truly passionate about what we do! We know the results of our analysis are critical to our client’s decision-making process. We are excited to work with you in developing the best possible plan to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our goal is for you to view us as an extension of your business and our mission is to provide exemplary customer service with scientific excellence…. That is the Foundation Analytical Difference!


Why FAL? Testing By Method Certifications